Parent Resources

FFC Kids Parent Guide

We want you to stay up to date on everything your child will learn while in FFC Kids. This guide will lay out the 2023-2024 school year with insight to what your child will learn while in their classroom, what they will experience during a service, and the vision and mission of FFC Kids. 

FFC Kids Prayer Guide

Want a guide to help you connect with your child and help them grow in their prayer journey? 

This guide will give you insight into the importance of prayer as well as providing interactive activities that you and your child can use to grow in your faith journey. 

FFC Kids Salvation Guide

FFC Kids Baptism Guide

Has your child made the decision to follow Jesus Christ? If so, we want to partner with you to help them take their next step in being Water Baptized. We have created this guide full of devotionals, scriptures, and the meaning of Baptism so you can discern if your child is ready to be Water Baptized. 

Parent Cue App

Have you always wanted to help your children grow in their faith, but you don’t know where to start? We have made it easy by giving you access to the Parent Cue App. This free app gives you access to all of the content your child is learning in FFC Kids plus devotionals, conversation starters, and so much more!

FFC Kids Right Now Media

We are giving our FFC Kids family full access to RightNow Media. It is full of resources that are perfect though this season, while continuing to teach your children with Biblical truths! Think of it as “Christian Netflix” for the whole family! You can sign up for free with Faith Family Church. 

Follow FFC Kids

To stay up to date on what is happening in FFC Kids, you can follow us on our social media on Facebook and Instagram. Here you will find weekly posts and stories along with important information regarding special events, Baptisms, Child Dedications, and so much more.

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