At The Movies

At The Movies

Faith Family Church | Baytown, TX | November 2023

Movies entertain us, but can they actually teach us something meaningful? We think so! Join us for one of our favorite series of the year called At the Movies, where we’ll use modern day parables to learn about God through the lens of some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. You’ll experience a welcoming environment, powerful worship music, and a timely message all while seeing church in a brand new way. Invite your friends & family to join you! We’ll bring the popcorn and save you a seat. We can’t wait to see you there!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is At The Movies?
At The Movies is one of our favorite series of the year! This is where we use some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters to share spiritual truths. This is the PERFECT time to invite someone new to church!
Will My Kids Enjoy It?
Absolutely! FFC Kids (ages 6 weeks-6th grade) will have a special, age-appropriate At The Movies experience of their own! They’ll love hanging out with their friends, singing songs, and learning truths from the Bible through their favorite movies. We can’t wait to see YOU and your kids here!
Can I Watch Online?
Due to legal reasons, At the Movies will not be archived or streamed online. There will be several opportunities each weekend for you to experience At the Movies in person at one of our locations, and we would love for you to join us. For those of you watching from home, we will be streaming a recent series and service while At the Movies is happening in person at our locations!
Will There Be Popcorn?
At the Movies wouldn’t be the same without soda and popcorn! We’re excited to offer a variety of your favorite soft drinks and popcorn while you enjoy the service, on the house!