Welcome to Day 3 of 21 Days of Prayer!

Here's how we're spending the "FIRST 15" minutes of our day:
5 MINUTES - Worship
We're listening to "Lord Send Revival" by Hillsong Young & Free!
5 MINUTES - God's Word
We're reading Philippians 1:6!
5 MINUTES - Prayer
Today, we're thanking God for helping us in the tough times of life and for meeting our needs.

Check out today's daily devotional!

Our video devotionals will be covering the book "The Circle Maker". You can learn more about the book through our daily devos or purchase your own copy below!

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David Wygal - August 12th, 2020 at 8:17am

I'm being transparent when I say this, yesterday by kiddo started small being defiant, which began a spark in my attitude. The night progressed and still, most of her responses to anything I said was not the answers I wanted to hear , which that " then spark " is now a full fledge three alarm fire. My actions were out of anger , instead of grace and love. I could literally watch the battle of Good vs. Evil. as I would try and control the situation and one thing after another would go wrong almost like a domino effect. Today's devotional reminds me of not putting my best forward on Sunday morning , but on a Tuesday night when I need Jesus the most