Unshakeable Devotional - God Is On Our Side

God Is On Our Side

By: Pastor Tony Pena, Outreach Pastor
As I read Psalm 124 these words are so vital to our lives,  David even asked the people to repeat them. So let’s take some time to simply meditate on these small but yet profoundly impacting words.

Let’s begin by repeating these words, meditating and focusing on how powerful these words really are:
GOD is on my side!
God is on MY side!
God IS on my side!

When everyone and everything seems to be against us, the Creator of the universe is, indeed, in our corner. We have his power on our side. He won’t leave us when the fighting gets tough. He’ll stand in front of us to protect us. But sometimes he’ll put his hand on our back and gives us an encouraging shove to enter into the battle ourselves–with him still at our side. He never leaves or forsakes us in times of trouble.

Later in the psalm, are the words, “Our help is from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” Let that sink in for a moment. The God who made everything that exists is on our side and is here, right here, to help us. He has already helped us in the midst of our sin by dying for us and saving us. And he continues to do even more through the powerful working of his Spirit. He will do this for me and you TODAY.

Whatever you and I are dealing with today, our help will come from him. How? I don’t know yet and I bet you don’t either. I wish I did. But what I do know is we need to continue keeping in step with his Spirit who is here to help us. We have to walk his way, according to his plans and purposes, not our own. we need to do things his way. Talk to God about our day today, and we simply need to remind ourselves that in every big and little thing. God is on our side and he is here to help us. We need to humble ourselves to him and do things his way, and we need to ask for his wisdom and power in the midst of the things we do today.

God is on our side!  
What does that mean to you today?

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