Unshakeable Devotional - Filling The Void

Filling The Void

By: Danielle Ziegler, Nursery/Pre-School Director
Do you have a favorite memory from your childhood? It may be a trip taken with your family, a fun filled evening with friends, or a moment with a sibling or parent. I remember one early morning in particular where I had wandered down the stairs where you would always find my dad sitting on the couch with his steaming cup of coffee and his Bible laying in front of him. That particular morning I snuggled up to my daddy with tangled hair and wrinkled pajamas as he talked about the Bible with me. When the rest of the house began to stir I went off to get ready for the day. A need in me had been filled, I had spent time with my father and time with my heavenly Father. I truly felt like the richest girl in the world. I was filled with so much joy.

Where do you go to find fulfillment? It may seem like a complicated question, and the older we get, the more complicated it can become. We have so many things fighting for our attention each day, promising to fill the void that we have: money, relationships, accomplishments. But every single time, these things fall short.  We keep grasping for more, always thinking that the next thing will finally fulfill us. And now, with this recent pandemic, some of these things have been stripped away. It’s caused all of us to realize that we can’t look to those things anymore. The true source of fulfillment is only found in the presence of our living God. Because we are made in His image and are just passing through this life, we will never find the answers we’re searching for outside of Him.

Psalm 16:11 says, “You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.” Friends, every single thing we need can be found in His presence: joy, fulfillment, vision, love. But I know what you may be thinking. This quarantine has taken a toll on your faith. You may doubt God, or you may doubt that God loves you. You may be dealing with shame because of that doubt, you may be dealing with guilt that you haven’t been spending time in His presence thus far, or you may just be dealing with fear of the future.

Can I encourage you with something? Every single one of us has dealt with these thoughts and emotions at one point in our lives. But, God’s desire is to have a relationship with us. It takes a choice each and everyday to seek his presence. We can seek God’s presence through worship, reading His word, and through prayer. Take some time to seek his presence today and enjoy making memories with your heavenly Father.
Seeking Him with you,

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