Day 19/21 - Does God Hear My Prayers?

Welcome to day 19 of our 21 day journey!  To help you on this journey we have provided a prayer for you to follow, even as you continue past these 21 days. You can access it here. Our daily devotional is modeled after the "First 15". This is a habit we want to create that takes the first 15 minutes of your day and dedicates it to spending time with the Lord.

5 Minutes: Worship
We made a worship playlist that you can use during this time of worship!
Apple Music

5 Minutes - God's Word
Matthew 7:7
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Do you ever feel like God doesn't hear your prayers? Like maybe he's too busy, got too much going on, or is just really distant? You're not alone. So many people view God with this mindset. Can I encourage you today? He's in every single detail of our lives. God desires a close and personal relationship with us. The way most of the world views God is as a far away being in the sky who only brings the hammer down when we mess up. That could not be further from the truth. I hope that during the last 3 weeks you've come to know the Lord for yourself, more personally than ever before. The Bible tells us in Matthew chapter 7 to ask, seek, and knock. Why would God's word tell us to do these things if it isn't what God wanted? I think often times, we put our prayer life and faith in a box. We pray prayers that we can make happen ourselves, just in case God doesn't come through. I want to challenge you with this: stop limiting God. Pray prayers that are bold, audacious, and unheard of. Pray for miracles. Pray for that thing that you don't think could ever happen. Pray for that addicted family member to find freedom. Pray that you'll get that promotion. Pray for your broken marriage to be restored, for your finances to turn around and become an abundance - pray like our God is ABLE to do the impossible, because He is.

5 Minutes - Prayer (can be read aloud)
Lord, forgive me if I've put my own limitations on you. I pray that you would remind me daily that you are worthy to be trusted, and your promises stand forever. Thank you for loving me and for walking alongside me during this 21 day journey. I ask that you would continue to help me grow closer to you and hear your voice in my life like never before. This is only the beginning. Thank you for all that's yet to come. I trust you completely. In your name I pray, Amen.

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Rosa mora - January 24th, 2020 at 3:31am

Thank you Lord for never leaving us or forsaken us for I know that you are with us wherever we go . And thank you Lord for guiding and Protecting our Grandson Isaac as he goes on to his new adventure serving our country and for walking by and with him and always help him remember you and to walk by your faith and strength that you provide all of us because without you Lord we are nothing. In the name of your precious son we Pray


Harold Dixon - January 24th, 2020 at 6:07am

Praise God for the blessing of faith and expectancy in advance, I'm believing according to his will and forgive me Father for putting limits on you. Amen. I thank this ministry for giving me encouragement and a new mindset concerning God and his word.

David Wygal - January 24th, 2020 at 7:25am

I love this scripture, I've been told Jesus doesn't just knock once or twice, but almost like a repetitive knock, this is the Holy Spirit working on your heart, but our final decision is ours if let him in. Through this fast has drawn me closer to a decision that's been knocking on my door, Lord see me through

Jessica - January 24th, 2020 at 7:52am

Amen. We do need to pray audaciously with faith, yet still trust God even when we don’t get the answer that we were hoping for. At the start of this fast I had three miracles that I was praying for. One was that my cat, who is very dear to me, would be healed (she had just been diagnosed with cancer). She died on Monday and my heart is broken.

My first thought was that I should quit fasting because clearly it isn’t “working.” Then I wondered if I was doing something wrong, maybe I didn’t give up enough or pray enough. But then I realized that these were lies from the enemy. My faith and trust in God aren’t based on me getting what I want and God isn’t a vending machine where we input fasting and prayer and get exactly what we ask for. He is the almighty creator of the universe; He gives and takes away, still my heart will choose to say, “Lord blessed be your name.”

Diana - January 24th, 2020 at 2:50pm

Thank you Jesus for all the answered prayers.Looking back in my little book of prayers.I see all the prayers you have answered for my children.Thank you for all the miracles you have done for my children.Thank you for opening my eyes to all my answered prayers weather they were yes or no.Thank you for the opportunities you have given me,and all the doors you have opened.I love you and praise your precious name.Amen